Survey of Montreal Subway Stations Using ContexV

The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) was preparing for major renovation projects and required a complete survey of its subway stations and tunnel systems.

Tetra Tech CSO’s infrastructure asset visualization tool, ContexV, provides high quality image records of the surveys that effectively supported the STM for:

  • Project planning and design;
  • Preparation of call for tender documents;
  • Management of call for tenders, especially site visits by contractors;
  • Design and preparation of change orders issued during the course of the projects;
  • Negotiation of reclamations made by contractors;
  • Litigation resolution for any damages caused to the project environment during renovation work;
  • Coordination between the owner’s teams (design, surveillance, inspection, contractual management, and operation and maintenance) as well as with consultants, contractors and vendors;
  • Preparation of signalization plans to guide customers through detours when areas are not accessible during specific project phases, including special consideration for those people with mobility issues;
  • Ensure efficient and methodical repositioning of furnishings and security equipment;
  • Transfer systematic and useful as-built documentation from the project teams to the operation and maintenance teams;
  • Improved training efficiency for new employees or stakeholders.

More specifically, the project activities included:

  • Geo-referenced, high definition photographic survey of ~2,500 linear meters (~8,000 feet) through more than 600 survey points, each composed of 6 or 12 HDRi photographs;
  • Processing of digital photographs (stitching, HDRi compilation, tiling, previewing) to maximize the image quality and allow for virtual tour of infrastructures through a WEB application.
  • Automated entry of GIS coordinates, angular references, and other important referencing information in the ContexVTM database.
  • Software development and configuration to the STM’s specific requirements.
  • Publication of the photographs through a secure and personalized ContexVTM WEB portal.
  • Hosting of WEB portal.
  • Technical support.


  • Offers a complete, systematic and compelling way to document and share asset information;
  • Detecting and recording any defect that is hard to see with the naked eye;
  • Link and reference all information to client’s current specifications or procedures (i.e. inspection form and equipment list);
  • Allows a photographic virtual tour of the assets without leaving the office;
  • Allows for temporal navigation of asset conditions in chronological order;
  • Reduces any negative impacts of the renovation projects to the STM’s customers.

Key Contact

Diana Tao

Director of Business Development
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514-257-2427 Ext: 3306
Toll Free: 877-292-5100