Montreal Hydraulic Analysis and Sewer Network Studies

Tetra Tech CSO has been providing on-demand services related to the diagnosis and design of urban drainage systems for the City of Montreal since the early 2000’s.

More than twelve projects have been completed to date. These projects consisted of master plan studies based on hydraulic evaluations of current and future wastewater and drainage needs. More specifically, the projects involved flooding studies, the design of local control measures (based on Best Management Practices) in a redevelopment area, sewer rehabilitation design and prioritization, and the modeling and design of off-line storage facilities (surface and underground).

The main objective consisted in conducting hydraulic analyses and modeling of the City's networks in order to obtain an accurate picture of the situation with regard to regional and local drainage, as well as preparing an intervention program that included original solutions and alternatives to correct the potential deficiencies of the main collection network. Specifically, this program had to include development prerequisites on a local level, such as the management criteria and the strengthening of secondary collection paths for specific development projects that modified the urban territory being served. Furthermore, several major urban development projects were being planned and existing local services and the main collection paths had to be verified in order to establish if they could properly service the new developments.


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